Black Dog Monday

Meet the Dogs Weeks of January 18 and 25, 2021
We only have two dogs to report on this week from the League for Animal Welfare – we will have more next week but in the meantime check out these dashing dogs!
Named after another hunka hunka burning love, black lab mix Elvis is only a year or so old and was brought in as a stray. He has this cutest little underbite where he shows a couple teeth when he’s trying to look serious, which of course makes him look very cute. Elvis is black except for a nice patch of white fur across his chest.
What a good looking dog! We’re not sure what breeds Cash has in him, but they’re big. This 80 lb. one to two year old may be parts Labrador, Cane Corso, Rottweiler, or St. Bernard. He’s got a feathery tail and a blocky snout and thick black fur. Oh and some drool, too. Cash gets all silly and happy when he has a chance to run in the play yard. He also LOVES belly rubs.