Best Dogs Ever!

We LOVE the new dogs from Calhoun County Humane Society! (Actually Neptune and Cooper are repeat customers.) Help us welcome this great crew to Week 1 at Encore.

Four year old Roxie is a bit of an introvert. She was surrendered to the shelter in July so it’s been hard for her to understand there will be another family out there for her. Once she’s had a chance to meet you a few times she definitely warms up. She has a gorgeous reddish-brown coat with a white chest.

Happy and even tempered, that’s five year old Aspen. He has great looking brindle brown and white markings, and one brown and one white rear leg! Aspen is friendly and a nice medium size.

A twinkle in his eye and a passion for people – that’s Atlas! This five year old mix will run from person to person to get attention. He’s full of energy. And he’s already neutered, so he’s ready to go home right away.

Neptune is not sure if the world is a safe place or not. So this one-year old brindle mix is cautious about meeting new people. Wouldn’t it be great if he found his new home soon, with people that could give him love, security, and a purpose? He’s eager to learn.

Year old Cooper needs a home! He’s lost some weight since his last visit to Encore, probably because this German Shepherd mix needs a family to love and a job to do. Cooper is people friendly and not too high energy.