Benson and Tucker’s Stories

In a class of mostly teenagers at Encore this week, these two adult dogs are in a class by themselves! Benson is a four year old male pit bull/Australian Kelpe or Cattle Dog mix. Tucker is a three year old male Australian Cattle Dog/yellow lab/Spitz mix. Benson has been at the shelter over two years. He is full of energy and loves burning off that energy with a job – he has shown great promise doing nose work, and quickly retrieves toys. Once he’s a bit tired out, he can focus on improving his skills like sit and leash walking. He’s mouthy when he takes treats so would do better with older kids only, or some continued training to work on that. And poor Benson needs a regular diet – the different brands of dog food at the shelter give him bouts of diarrhea, ouch. But when he is on the same food and a probiotic added, he does much better. “I’ll just say it, I’m a hot mess,” thinks Benson as he gazes up at you with those shiny eyes and crazy cool stand-up ears. “But I will be loyal forever, if you just give me a chance.” Tucker is a laid back sweetheart who is the poster child for “cuddlebug.” He has been at the shelter about a year and a half, but still acts like a pet dog who really enjoys and trusts people. He knows sit and quickly rolls over for belly rubs. Like Benson, he’s fully vetted and ready for immediate adoption. He smiles all the time! Tucker has some initial high energy, but then true to his name, he tuckers out and is ready for a nap. Other than some occasional jumping, he is so well mannered and fun!

For adoption information contact Calhoun County Humane Society