And The Most Improved Award Goes To…

Abby gets the prize for most improved dog over these past two weeks! 

This 45 lb. year old white German shepherd/American eskimo or maybe even Australian cattle dog mix is a fire plug of focus and drive. 

When she first got here, she was very uncomfortable meeting people when she was in her crate; she would even growl and show her teeth. 

Well it turns out she must have felt trapped or felt she needed to guard the crate against strangers.  When we took her outside she was a whole different dog!  And when she met people outside, when she was in her crate later and saw them again, she was much better. 

Abby is such a fast learner, too!  She is so agile and climbs through the tunnel and down the slide in the play yard with great gusto. 

She loves toys and has the most ball drive of any dog that’s been here lately.  And on top of all that, she loves belly rubs and getting her picture taken.  What a great Christmas model.

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