An Encore for the Retriever Trio

Thanks to your donations, we’re able to do another rotation with these shy pups from Etowah County Animal Shelter! These golden retriever mixes are almost three years old and need extra time and patience to draw them out of their shells.

Summer is the braver of the two sisters – she is OK walking on leash and doesn’t run away when a new person comes into the play yard. But she won’t take treats or allow herself to be petted by a stranger yet. When her sister Star is with her, Summer is clearly the one who stirs the pot! She will chase Star all around the play yard.

Star is a little smaller than Summer and her coat is more tan and less red. She loves loves loves being with Summer. She does not love love love being by herself with a strange human. Star will hide in the bushes and slink into a corner to avoid meeting someone new. But after meeting you a few times she will let you walk her on a leash.

Brother Scar is the most outgoing of the trio. He is quicker to warm up to new people and will even play with toys once he is sure of his surroundings. He’s curious but still standoffish to strangers, and will bark if a stranger approaches him too quickly. With people he knows, he enjoys petting and even being brushed!