Amber and Arya


Amber, Ajax and Arya came in to the shelter together. Do you think they are siblings? We think maybe. Amber is about a year old and she is also built for speed. Her body build looks like the others, but her coloring sure is different! She’s a bit shy at first but really warms up for loving and affection once she gets to know you. Terrier? Chihuahua? Dash of Dachshund?


Arya sure looks like Ajax, doesn’t she? She’s a bit smaller but otherwise could be his twin. Arya is also all about speed, playing, and learning to love people. She also appears to be a year-ish old, another clue that these are sisters and brother. She was a little scared when she first met us but after she got to run around the play yard and get some nice treats, she was good to go.