Almost Christmas

It may be cold outside but our hearts are warm as we work with these wonderful Calhoun County Humane Society pups. We’re all getting ready for Christmas and there would be no better gift than a forever home for these special dogs.

Curious? Funny? Hip-hoppy? Mere words don’t capture Mariah’s fun-loving nature. She LOVEs toys and treats and people. We’re checking to see if she loves other dogs, too. That would be perfect!

Rumor’s got an extra large personality packed into a medium sized dog! He’s really still a puppy and has those typical puppy “I can get distracted in the middle of my training” behavior. But he is super smart and is best in class on obedience basics, as long as he stays focused.

Judy’s progress is one step forward, one step back right now. It’s a tough time for this frightened girl. She’s trying hard to get better about meeting people and will sometimes take a treat from you. She walks nicely on leash. But she needs time and patience to let her personality come through.

All puppy, all puppy energy! Freddy is bouncy and silly and super sweet. He’s learning how to sit nicely and walk on a leash, but like any youngster, needs more practice on these basics.

We’re so proud of Neptune for overcoming his fear of slippery floors and walking across them like a champ. He’s still skeptical of new people and needs someone with patience and experience to help him build confidence. Neptune LOVES to play with balls in the play yard.