All In for Fun

Parker and Tucker had a wonderful week! These two boys got their fill of play time, bath time, and training time. (Oh and nap time and dress up time, too.)

Young guy Parker is happy as a clam (are clams happy?) playing with a toy or zooming around the play yard. Then he’s equally happy to sit quietly and get loved on. He’s a champ at sitting and waiting at the door politely.

Senior dog Tucker is a bit slower paced, but he still loves trotting around outside, then just standing and taking in the smells of the great outdoors. He’s warmed up so much to people these past two weeks and it’s clear if he was in a forever home, he would bond with the people and enjoy time together.

Both these shelter dogs are hoping that soon it will be their turn to see Calhoun County Humane Society in the rear view mirror, as they head off to their new lives and families!