All Boy Boxers

The boys are back for Week 2 at Encore – well one boy is new (Andy). Hank graciously gave up his spot so Andy, who is recovering from surgery, could get special attention at Encore.

Say hi to Andy, a sweet 18 month old boy who unfortunately had an injury to his tail that required it being amputated (Rockin P never supports tail docking except for medical reasons). Andy is a classic fawn boxer who is learning to enjoy toys and attention.

UPDATE: Brindle boxer Ace is doing well with loose leash walking and loves to give kisses!

UPDATE: Cameron did great with his bath and he’s so agile – he jumped out of the tub and bypassed the ramp altogether. The shelter environment is stressing him, though. He’s lost some weight and could stand to put on five pounds or so.

UPDATE: Hank knows how it feels to recovery from surgery so he let Andy take his spot at Encore so Andy could enjoy some extra loving and quiet. You rock, Hank!

UPDATE: We are fine tuning Roby so he’ll be ready to roll out of Rockin P and into his forever home as soon as he can hitch a ride to Mobile! Roby is great but needs to be reminded not to jump up.

UPDATE: Rocky is a fast learner and he sometimes likes to give “love nibbles” (he can be a little mouthy taking treats). But we are working on that!