A Puppy Majority

It’s always a hoot when puppies are in the house! Today we welcome four pups and two adult dogs from the League for Animal Welfare to Week 1 at Encore. They will definitely make you smile.


This sweet girl and her brother Grasshopper are 12 weeks old and full of puppy energy. We think they may be a mix of Catahoula Leopard Dog, lab and heeler. Cricket has a beautiful gray and black spotted coat and weighs 10 lbs. She loves toys and people, and bossing around her big brother!


Grasshopper is almost solid black, with a big white patch on his chest. He’s bigger than Cricket at 12 lbs, but both were able to fit in the cute sweaters donated by a Legacy Village volunteer. He also loves toys and treats, which he is happy to take with those sharp puppy teeth.

Maggie (AKA Puppy 8)

Remember the four League pups from December? Two are back, and they are getting big! Maggie is the brownest of the batch, although her coat is a bit more black now. She and her sister are about four months old. We’re refreshing Maggie on “sit” and “here.” These girls are also a cute mix of who knows what – lab, hound, heeler?

Halle (AKA Molly)

Molly got adopted and her name changed to Halle , but was returned to the shelter as her new owner realized he wasn’t ready for the time commitment of a puppy. Check out her eyes – Halle sports one brown and one blue eye, and a striking black and white coat. She and Maggie are around 25 lbs. and likely to grow some more. She’ll also need a refresher on the basics.


Patch is a six year old 50 lb. Red Heeler mix who will run up and immediately sit in front of you. She loves treats and has a calm lower energy. She can be skittish when first meeting new people, but she quickly works through it. Like a lot of people (and some dogs) Patch put on some extra pounds over the holidays. She could stand to lose a few – could you? Maybe you and Patch could start taking some easy walks for exercise. And then a nice nap afterwards.


Here’s happy-go-lucky Snax. She’s an 18 month old Heeler/terrier mix (maybe Jack Russell?) who weighs about 35 lbs. Snax likes to meet people, especially if they come bearing gifts of cheese or hot dogs. She’s smart and eager to learn. She can be bossy at first with other dogs, but if introduced the right way, she works through that.

To follow the progress of these puppies please check out the Meet the Dogs page!