A Letter from Patch

Patch eyes closed (2)

Hi, my name is Patch. I’m an adult Red Heeler mix. My first time at Encore started back a few weeks ago when I was at this scary place called the shelter. I was a little shy and just didn’t know how to deal with new people. One of the shelter workers came into my kennel and says “Hey Patch want to go to school today?” I thought “what the heck anything to get me out of here.”

Patch half body

I had no clue what I was about to get into at Encore. When I got there the first thing they did was let me go potty outside and let me tell you it was fantastic! They introduced me to training slow and steady, which I loved. They worked on letting me get used to strangers and taught me that I don’t have to worry what they are going to do to me. I also learned how easy it is to walk properly on a leash.

Patch with Alex

I know sit, down, come, and we are working on stay. I do this really cute thing I like to call “come in for a landing” when I run right up to someone and sit in front of them – check out my video!

Patch close up

I love working but what I love more is just being with you. I fell in love with one of the Encore workers; her name is Alex. She is a dog trainer, so she understands what I’m going through, she told me one day. Alex and I are best buds but I love everyone. I’ve met lots of people at Encore and I love coming to this place. I’m always so excited to get to come to school, so I can learn a lot and hopefully find my forever home soon.

Patch and Whitney

Thanks so much for letting me tell you all about me and what I’ve learned. I hope you enjoyed it and come meet me anytime! I’m at the League for Animal Welfare.

Click Below for A Video Of Patch